What is Humans + Tech?

Humans + Tech is a curation of articles about the impact and influence of technology on humans - particularly our health, emotions, work, livelihoods, and lifestyle. I think the human body is the greatest technology ever created and I’m ever curious about how it works. We live in an era where technology is moving at a dizzying pace, and its influence on humans and humanity, both positive and negative, is not fully understood.

In my quest to understand technology’s influence on us, I’m curating interesting articles that discuss how technology is impacting our lives, livelihoods, health, emotions, work, and lifestyle. The newsletter goes out weekly every Sunday.

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My motivation and beliefs

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my beliefs as I gain more knowledge :)

The ultimate truth

The primary goal of Science & Technology is to understand ourselves. Spirituality has the same goal. They are both after the same truth. Truth by definition can only be one, so both will eventually arrive at the same truth. I am interested in understanding both perspectives to find the intersections that arise.

Human curiosity

We cannot reign in human curiosity. When we see a door, one of us will eventually open it to see what lies on the other side. It is our curiosity that promotes discovery and progress. It may also lead to our demise, but that is a risk we will always take eventually. After all, there is only one way to find out.

We live in a world of duality

Black and white. Good and bad. Right and wrong. Success and failure. Darkness and light. We live in a world of duality. They define each other. We cannot have one without the other. Our goal is to learn to live with both.

Human values

Every problem we encounter as humans can be reduced to a human value problem. Our values are critical in determining our actions and beliefs. Most of our problems are because we all don’t share the same values. What should be humanity’s basic core values? Can we ever agree on what they should be?

Things that keep me up at night

If you have answers to any of these questions, please let me know. It will help me sleep better :)

  1. Why are we as a human species in such a hurry? For what?

  2. Both spirituality and science through quantum physics, say that everything is connected. How does that work and how do we realize that connection?

  3. What is our purpose as a human race? Do we have one?

  4. Can we design a world without the concept of money?

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Neeraj Kamdar

Technology consultant and natural movements coach. Curious about almost everything.